Stay Hydrated with DripDrop

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Stay Hydrated with DripDrop

Ever have those days where you just didn’t take in enough water or liquid in general to stay hydrated? It leaves you feeling sluggish and often you develop a headache. On busy days, it happens to me because I usually forget to grab something to drink. Being dehydrated leaves me feeling so thirsty that no amount of liquid can quench my thirst. Sound familar? Inevitably, I end up drinking and drinking water until my stomach feels like it’s going to explode, and I’ve secured my twenty trips to the bathroom for the evening.

According to DripDrop, 75% of Americans are dehydrated and they’ve got a solution. DripDrop has developed an oral rehydration solution (ORS) that is a mixutre of electrolytes, sugar, and water. It’s designed to be taken orally with a formula that absorbs water and electrolytes into the body. Fluid loss due to excessive sweating, vomiting, or even diarrhea can be quickly remedied.

As a parent, DripDrop seemed like the perfect product to treat mild to moderate dehydration in myself and my family. Those long days spent outside playing in the summer months are enough to make anyone feel lousy especially if you don’t get enough hydration. Mix a packet of DripDrop into a glass of water and you’ll be good to go fighting the effects of dehydration or preventing it all together. You could also use it as an alternative for an electrolyte drink when you’re active or sick. It has 2-3 times more electrolytes than a sports drink with half the calories. Imagine not having to lug around all those sports drink bottles to each game or practice for your child.

I’ve never seen a company that has more information on their products from the ingredient used, the process that it works, how to prepare DripDrop, and how to administer the product to children and the elderly safely. I wanted to know what I was consuming. All ingredients are considered safe for consumption as a “Medical Food” by the FDA, and DripDrop answered all my questions about safety. Recently, I had a long day of errands, housework, and blogging. I glanced at the clock before I began and it was 9:00 AM. But, by the time I hit a lull in my stride, it was 3:00PM. My food intake for the day consisted of a granola bar and a few snack crackers, but I hadn’t had anything to drink. All the movement I had been doing increased my body temperature, and I could easily feel the early onset of dehydration. Grabbing the DripDrop packet, I prepared it following the instructions on the package. One glass of water had me feeling better and ready to tackle the rest of my chore list in no time.

Imagine how quickly I felt better just doing some moderate housework? If it could work for an hour of scrubbing the bathroom, imagine what it could do for an athlete spending many hours practicing outdoors. DripDrop isn’t just for athletes. It’s for moms, active or picky children, yard work, exercising, or just to keep an older individual hydrated when outside on an extremely hot day.

If you think DripDrop could be the faster and easier hydration product for yourself and your family, take advantage of our special coupon offer from Drip Drop – Save $2 OFF your DripDrop purchase.

Check out this article on You May Be Thirstier Than You Think from Fast Company to find out more about dehydration.


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