No Stress Baby Shower Invitations and Birth Announcements at Basic Invite

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Basic Invite Baby Shower Invitation Birth Annoucement Collage

You’ve spent the last 40 weeks freaking out, preparing, being overprotective, and then suddenly, you fall in love with a new little bundle of joy. It’s funny how all those emotions disappear without warning as you enjoy the moment with your baby. As a parent, you’ll learn quickly that all those feelings of anxiety and concern come rushing back. You’ll be fighting the urge to ward off germs, while trying to show your new addition to everyone. Basic Invite has a solution for all new parents – send a birth announcement!

Trust me. It’s germ free and the perfect way to show off the baby. In a social media driven world, family members and friends may not have the opportunity to see the baby’s first photos. Sending out a birth announcement gives everyone the chance to have their very own “first” photo without all the unannounced visitors, hidden sicknesses, and having to deal with the irregular schedule of a newborn.

Basic Invite has over 100 choices for a birth announcement themed for boys and girls. I mean most new moms send out (or have someone send out) baby shower invitations, so why not?

Basic Invite Owl Baby Shower Invitation

The process is simple. Choose birth announcement or baby shower invitation (yes, they have those too!) That’s when your choices really open up. Announcements are sorted by a girl or boy theme, while shower invitations can be boy, girl, or twins! Basic Invite will most likely have the look that you’re going for especially if you need owls, chevron, sports, and more to fit your baby shower theme or personality of the family.

Your choices do not end there. Decide the number of folds you want for your card, the number of photos for personalization, and the size. Here’s where Basic Invite truly wows their customers. Customizable options don’t stop with the shape and functionality of the card. You can personally select your color scheme for each card from a colorful palette full of options. Plus, you can change the text to fit your needs.

Most stationary companies online allow you to customize the text, but you never get to see what it looks like on your card. With Basic Invite, once you change colors and text it appears within seconds for you to see as you go. There’s no waiting until the end to see if it’s the perfect announcement or invitation that you had been dreaming of. You’ll know as soon as you do it!

Basic Invite truly gives you control over your baby shower invitations and birth announcements because they want them to be as unique and special as your baby. It’s a no-stress way to bring everyone together to celebrate. Seriously, NO STRESS! They even provide free white envelopes for mailing with a low additional charge to print your return on each envelope if you choose. For your next baby event, bypass the frustration of the other companies and go with the convenience and customization options at Basic Invite. There’s nothing basic about how many fantastic options you’ll find!

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