Be a Superhero, or Just Act Like One

Be a Superhero, or Just Act Like One

Having themed costume parties has steadily been increasing in popularity over the years. Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween anymore! People are throwing bashes that are Superhero themed, especially every time a new Marvel or DC Comic movie comes out. Who wouldn’t want to be Superman or Batman for the day? Seriously, if you can be Batman, be Batman! Sometimes though as adults it is hard for us to relax enough and let our inner kid shine through. We can be afraid of what others might think or how ridiculous we might look. Lucky for you, there are great costume ideas for those of us that might not be 20 anymore.
When checking out sites, I came across and was impressed with their selection. I love their Sexy Supergirl Costume and it is something that can flatter different body shapes. It would make me feel like I could fly! I would be happy to see my guy in the Captain America costume, which even comes with a shield. I tend to check out different superhero blogs like and for ideas.
The way to take the stress out of trying to figure out what to wear is to think about what you might like to be if you had an alter ego. Would you like to be invisible, love to fly around like a bird or a jet plane, or do you dream of having a ton of strength that you could stop a barreling out-of-control train? Allowing our inner superhero to come out and play could be the best part of themed costume parties. It isn’t everyday that you can be Supergirl or Captain America. Well maybe you can, but dressing up and going to a party with your friends might just be a little bit more fun.

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