Swiffer Makes Pet Hair Cleaning Easier

Swiffer Makes Pet Hair Cleaning Easier
With just one pet, you maybe experience some pet hair on the floors, the furniture, and your clothing. No big deal. But, when you’ve taken on the role as pet parent, sometimes your family can expand tremendously from a single pet to multiple pets that you treat like your kids. Now that my human children are adults and out of the house, I’ve committed my home and life to my furry children. It’s a chore and the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done. Right now, I have four dachshunds and two cats. That’s a lot of fur love on the floor, on the furniture, and on everything else I own. Thanks to Swiffer sending me one of their fabulous Big Green Boxes, I can tackle this pet hair problem!

I’m part of half of Americans (from the Swiffer Cleaning Index) that have concerns about pet hair in their home. It was a concern when I first wanted a pet, but now I couldn’t imagine my life without each of my babies. On occasion, I can identify also with the 38% of people who experience “pet cleaning tensions.” Trust me it’s a process that is always beginning and never seems to end. Have you ever tried to de-shed your favorite couch blanket only to have three of your four dogs want to snuggle? The struggle is real for pet owners no matter how many pets you have. Cats are the worst they’re everywhere you don’t want them to be and no where to be found when you want them.

Swiffer Cat Big Green Box

Swiffer’s Big Green Box included the tools I needed to beat pet hair and shedding:

- Swiffer Sweeper with included Dry Cloths
- Swiffer Sweeper Wet Cloths
- Swiffer Duster Starter Kit
- Swiffer Duster Refills with Gain Scent

I tackled any of the non-carpeted floors in my home first to get up any pet hair that I’ve been missing during my normal cleaning routine. Running the Swiffer dry cloths over my floors, especially in the kitchen, picked up more pet hair than I could see on my floors. I spent a good twenty-minutes making sure that I got every last hair up (for the moment). Swiffer Wet Cloths gave my floor a nice scrubbing and a fresh scent. I managed to keep everyone off the floor while it dried and get the surfaces in the living room dusted with the Swiffer Dusters. I’ll never use a dry washcloth or paper towel to dust again! These dusters let me zoom across all of my tabletops and nooks-and-crannies to grab the pet hair that had settled into the cracks. In one hour’s time, Swiffer had cut my cleaning time in half and left my house feeling fresher and pet hair free. With Swiffer products, I can choose to use them daily for a quick clean-up to manage the pet hair problem or I can work them into a more thorough cleaning routine weekly. I love my Swiffer products and the #SwifferEffect so much that I couldn’t wait to share my second Big Green Box with my coworker Diana!

Big Green Box Swiffer Gift

She was so excited to get her very own box full of Swiffer products. I wanted to surprise her because I knew with a dog, two cats, and four kids that she could use a break by cutting her cleaning time in half. I shared with her how quickly I was able to remove the pet hair from my floors and other surfaces with Swiffer. Plus, I told her about the partnership that Swiffer has supporting the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsĀ® (ASPCA). They’ve participating in a year-long effort to help find homes for animals in need. With Swiffer in their corner, they can combat the stigma that cleaning up after pets is too much work and encourage more people to adopt pets. Swiffer will donate Big Green Boxes to more than 100 shelters nationwide. Approximately 7,000 pet owners received a free Swiffer Sweeper during the ASPCA Mega-Match-A-Thon weekend recently. I know those pet owners are loving their new product because I am!

I encourage everyone to consider adopting a pet from your local shelter. Help save a dog or a cat’s life and give them a forever home. Find out more about Swiffer’s partnership with ASPCA.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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