Tide Pooling – Treasures Under The Sea

Tide Pooling – Treasures Under The Sea

Tide Pooling

When it is low tide on the coast, especially in Coos Bay, Oregon, going tide pooling is a special treat. A tide pool occurs where there is a collection of rocks at the shoreline and they are alive with marine life and underwater vegetation. What is special about tide pooling is that the treasures that wait for you to discover them can only be seen when the tide goes out. It’s like the water has pulled back to show you the treasures under the sea. You can see starfish in brilliant shades of purple and orange in Oregon’s tide pools. Check out the local coastal tide charts for your area and mark down the dates for low tide. Planning a great day out tide pooling with friends and family is one of the best parts about living or visiting the Oregon Coast.


Orange Starfish

Here on the Oregon Coast you can find a sea of mussels attached to the tops of rocks. Make sure before you pick up any marine animal or shell that it is permissible in your area. Some tide pools have endangered species in them and cannot be disturbed.

Tide pooling

Tide pooling is a great activity for the kids to show them the treasures under the sea. It is also a unique experience for out-of-town guests. I took Kristi Trimmer out tide pooling and she was like a kid in a candy store, as she had never seen anything like the marine life here.

Tide Pooling Group Photo

When out tide pooling make it like a treasure hunt to see how many different species of marine life you can find. A neat thing to do is to lightly touch the anemone. It is sticky and closes up when you touch it. A sea urchin wall is pretty amazing to see and if you are lucky you might be able to hold a sea urchin. They dig out softball-size holes in the rock to make a home with their long spikes. When you hold one, they will leave tiny pricks in your hand and they tickle more than they hurt.

Enjoying a day out tide pooling is great for kids and adults of all ages. Tide pooling shows the treasures under the sea and is full of awe and wonderment.
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