Tips for Making Fall Cleaning a Breeze

 Tips for Making Fall Cleaning a Breeze

Fall cleaning may only come around once a year but it can seem like quite the task. When you finally get to cleaning, you probably just want it to go fast, right? Well, here are some tips for making fall cleaning a breeze.

#1. Do the Prep Work

Before you start the process of fall cleaning, make sure you take the time to do the prep work. This “prep” work includes doing a thorough binge of items you no longer need. You won’t regret doing this prep work prior to your actual fall cleaning routine.

#2. Recruit the Family

Who says you should clean your house all by yourself? If they’re old enough to walk, then they are old enough to help out around the house (within reason of course). Don’t be shy about asking others for their help.

#3. Stay Organized

The only way you will ever get this fall cleaning done is by making a list and checking it twice. You’ll need to make a list of everything you’d like to start cleaning. It might even give you a sense of accomplishment as you cross these items off your list.

#4. Create Your Own Homemade Cleaners

If you’re going to clean your home, consider making your own cleaners. Making cleaners helps you save money, but also helps you know what you’re putting inside of your home. You won’t do any harm to the woodwork or the people who reside within those four walls you call home—when you use your own cleaners.

#5. Keep Up With It

After you have accomplished cleaning out everything within your home during the fall months, make sure you keep up with it all throughout the year. Do small things like keeping the clutter out and wiping down cob webs on a weekly basis.  These little tasks, when done throughout the year, really help cut down the to-do list on your fall cleaning schedule.

How do you make fall cleaning a breeze?


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    Although I don’t know that there are enough tips in the world to make it a “breeze” at my house, I can sure see that these would help. Thanks for the reminder to get busy!

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    I can always use all the help I can get to keep up with the house. Thanks for your great tips and for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

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    I’m on a cleaning binge right now—1 and 4 are a breeze for me. I just made a bunch of glass cleaning solution last night and refilled my jar of baking soda/washing soda mixture. You may have inspired me to actually blog about these processes :)

    Cheers! Carole (aka Clem) (ps–stumbled upon you via the Think & Make linkup)


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