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Totlings Snugglish Baby Seat - Infant
New parents are always seeking the best way to keep baby safe while they try to make sense of their chaotic homes and lives. Most parents, especially moms, know that when a new baby naps, it’s the best time for them to nap. The magical cleaning fairy doesn’t come out and take care of the week’s worth of dishes or wash five loads of laundry, fold, and put them away. Showering doesn’t come easy every day and getting dressed is another story. So, you manage with what you have while your little one is wide awake and hopefully content enough to sit for a few minutes. You may be interested in Totlings seating solution for babies.

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Totlings knows the problem of time management and offers a product that can keep your newborn to ten-year-old content and comfy while they wait. Snugglish Baby Floor Seating is the way to go. You can grab a seat in a variety of colors and patterns to match the personality of your child or the color scheme of their room. It can be the seat that your baby values up until school age, where you may even find them using it to finish up homework reading or lounging after a hard day at school. Each seat comes with two top covers – one with a harness and one without to make the transition to an older child’s chair.

Finding the right seat for your baby is all about comfort and safety. There are many health benefits to the Snugglish Baby Floor Seat:

- Flat Head Syndrome – flexible micro-balls form to the babies head to aid in prevention of flat spots on the head
- Gastroesophageal Reflux – on demand upward resting position of the seat helps to prevent spit up
- LARYNGOMALACIA – The reduction of GER (spit up) from the seat’s design also lessens the effects of Laryngomalacia (softening of the tissues of the voice box)

You may find more health benefits specifically for your child’s development address by Totlings.

Totlings wants you to give your child a sense of independence and added value by having a place to sit that’s all their own. Consider grabbing a fun, vibrant patterned seat to keep your child safe while sitting on the floor. To ensure the safety of your child, please only use the Snugglish Baby Seat flat on the ground with adult supervision, especially with infants. Once they sell 1 million Snugglish Baby Seats, Totlings vows to donate 1 million seats to children in need.

Help them get these chairs in the homes of families in need and see all the products offered by Totlings or find them on Facebook.

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