Uncommon Uses for Mayo

 Uncommon Uses for Mayo

Uses for Mayo

Mayonnaise is great on sandwiches, in deviled eggs and in chicken salad, but I was surprised to find out how many amazing uses it has other than the kitchen!

Goo gone, it is always a pain trying to get gum residue or some other sticky gunk off different surfaces.  Guess what?! Mayo can help you get that gunk off without messing up the surface it is on.  All you need to do is let it sit for about 10 minutes, next use a butter knife to gently scrape away the sticky gunk.   You can even use this for removing price tags on your new glassware. However, instead of a butter knife you just need a soft washcloth.

Get all that grime and dirt off your outdoor furniture.  Just apply a generous amount of mayonnaise to a sponge and scrub away. For fantastic clean outdoor furniture, rinse thoroughly. 

Do you have a squeaky cabinet door?  Use a little mayonnaise on the hinges.  After working it into the hinges by opening and closing the door a few times the squeak should be gone.

Were the kids getting a little too creative and coloring on the walls?  Cover the “art” with mayo and let it sit for a few minutes. Then easily wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Water rings on the wood furniture can be an eyesore.  Cover the water rings with mayo.  Let it sit for about 2 minutes.  Wipe it off and buff it with a clean, soft cloth.

Gum in the hair can be very difficult to get out.  Try rubbing a little mayonnaise around the gum. The gum should gently slide out of the hair.

Is lice going around at your kids school or daycare?  Protect your kids hair with mayo.  Just put some mayo on their hair and run a comb through it.  Rinse thoroughly. The lice can’t not stick to the oil that the mayo leaves behind.  It can also help to repel any lice they currently have.

Time for a manicure, get out the mayo!  Dipping your fingers in a bowl of mayonnaise and letting them soak for 5 minutes then rinse.  If you repeat this a few times a week it will also strengthen your fingernails.  To get your nails shiny just massage a bit of may onto your fingernails and let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing.  

Why not just make it a spa day and give yourself a facial?.  That’s right use mayo on your face.  Apply it and let it sit for about 10 – 20 minutes.  Then rinse it off for fantastic moisturized skin.

Give your hair a deep condition by applying mayo at the scalp and massaging it though to the ends.  Let it sit for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water and shampoo as usual.

Polish up that silver by putting a tiny amount of mayo on the smudges wait a few minutes then wipe it off with a soft clean cloth. 

Mayo can be used in some unexpected ways in cooking as well.  Use 3 tablespoons mayo instead of eggs.  If you want an extra moist cake add a little bit of mayonnaise to the cake batter.

Do you have other unusual ways to use mayo? I would love to hear about them!


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  1. Kelly Tomic-Beck says

    Love this post! Great to be able to grab my mayo when I have the need vs running out to the store for a specialty product.

  2. Erika Messer says

    Wow! I had no clue it had this many uses – I am trying the manicure one, the lice one and several others! This is truly an amazing food plus more :) I am saving all of these into a word document so I can reference it :) Thank you!

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