How to Use Ice in your Beauty Routine

Use Ice in your Beauty Routine

How to Use Ice in Your Beauty Routine

You may spend big bucks on beauty products each year, but did you know that one of the most helpful and effective beauty products you can use is right in your freezer? Ice is a wonderful product for incorporating into your beauty routine, and since you can make it for practically free, it is one you may want to consider using. Take a look below at how to use ice in your beauty routine, so you can enjoy natural beauty care for less.

How to Use Ice in Your Beauty Routine

Supplies needed:
Ice Cube trays
Green tea

To begin, prepare your ice cubes as you typically would. If you would like to add some extra power to them, add some green tea (either in liquid form or dried) to the cubes before freezing.

1. Banish those blemishes.
Do you have acne, flare ups of the skin, or basic blemishes? Simply pop an ice cube out of the tray and rub it over the troublesome areas. It will help soothe the blemish, remove redness, and bring down any inflammation.

2. Make pores disappear.
Get rid of unsightly pores by pressing an ice cube to them and moving it slowly around your face. This will help shrink the pores creating tighter, firmer skin. This is a great trick to use before applying make up!

3. Freshen up your skin.
Use one of the green tea cubes to create a healthy glow. Using a green tea cube anytime of the day on your skin will give it an instant pick me up. Just glide it over your face and pat dry.

4. Dry nails quickly.
If you are in a hurry to get your manicure dry, place your hands in a bowl of ice water. It will quickly harden the polish and prevent smears and smudges.

5. Take the pain out of plucking.
Do you pluck your own eyebrows? If so, press an ice cube to the eyebrow before and after to help numb the area and reduce any swelling.

See how simple it can be to use ice in your beauty routine? Give these quick tips a try!


  1. says

    These are awesome tips! I’ve been having a little forehead acne now that it’s about 100* here (live in Rome)! Going to try some ice right now.

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