Wanted: Guest Bloggers!

Hi everyone! I am looking for a handful of guest bloggers to post here on Robyn’s View. I need to study for my certification at work, and don’t want to be stressing about writing post for the blog too!

For the most part, you can pick the topic. (Must be family friendly and approved by me, before I will publish it.)

Date: I would like to be able to start studying at the end of this month, and then all of September.

I will pin, post on my facebook page, share on google+, and anything else I can do to help promote your post.

Don’t have a blog? No, problem! If you have a favorite recipe, craft, or DIY idea that you would like to share, you can take photo’s, write the post up on your computer, and then email it to me! I will do the rest!

So, what do you think? Are you interested? If you are, please contact me here by leaving a comment or email me at robynmomto2 (at) gmail (dot)  com. (or just click on the email button I have over on the sidebar.)

To my dear Readers, I will still be posting my own post too!
I just need a little hand from some of my friends!


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