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Weddings are hectic, exciting, and rewarding for everyone involved, especially the happy couple. But, why add to the stress leading up to the big day? I Bridal showers and gifts are custom with weddings. Stop the guessing games and putting off making a list of what you and your significant other need to start your lives together. Believe me everyone else will thank you. Create an easy, convenient, and free online registry from – you’ll be glad you did! has consolidated and simplified the gift wish list process so much so that there’s no excuse not to register for an upcoming wedding. All you need to get started is to download their “Add to My Registry” bookmark button to your browser. Just browse the websites and products you love and add what you want to one universal list. Add glassware, small kitchen appliances, landscaping materials, coffee shop gift cards, and more in just a few clicks under one account rather than creating a registry for multiple websites. It’s hard enough for you to keep up with that let alone your guests. Speaking of multiple gift registries with sync your store registries to a single account. Stores like Crate and Barrel, Macy’s Pottery Barn, Amazon, and more are already on board to sync. Guests can buy from multiple websites in a single list with little to no hassle!

You’ll be blown away by this next feature. Add items from stores that don’t even have a website! Remember that home decor trinket you found rummaging through an old antique store on your romantic vacation weekend? Take a photo, write a description, and leave a note on where to purchase the item. Friends and family can see your unique choice of gifts and there’s no boundaries on what kinds of items you can place on the registry this way.

Already have your house fully stocked prior to the wedding? Many brides and grooms don’t need much to start their new life together. gives couples the option to register for cash in a tasteful fashion. Special cash funds can be named and customized based on your need. Mention that you’d love funds to pay for your wedding, honeymoon, home renovations, or to put away for an anniversary trip. Each cash fund you setup will be listed with your other items so that it’s easy to find. Couples can even choose to give their cash to a favorite charity. It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved! gives brides and grooms a break because they don’t have to go from store-to-store registering for gifts. Add items from all over the internet in a few clicks. Brides it’s a great way to get your future husband involved. Let him add some of his favorite items (sports memorabilia, tools, car accessories, etc.) to the list. It’ll give his friends and family an idea of what he’d like to add to his home and marriage. Sample Wedding Registry
While there is a huge wedding theme surrounding, it is also available for baby showers, birthdays, housewarming parties, and especially holiday wish lists. Don’t guess what the tech savvy kids want for Christmas or their birthdays. Help them make a wish list through! I’m already regretting the multiple registries I created for my wedding and the birth of my daughter. It was a lot of work, and my swollen ankles could have used some chair time and mouse clicks rather than walking around a huge baby retailer. From now on use for all your gift buying and gift giving needs!

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