Capture Memories with One Day App Launch for Android

one day app

Sponsored content. Remember when I gushed about how awesome the One Day App for recording video memories of your friends and family? At that time, it was only available for iOS users, and I was sad that my Android friends weren’t able to make a virtual scrapbook full of interview videos. Launched on February 2nd, the [...]

Recording Your Family History

Recording Your Family Records

Recording Your Family History Now that you have started collecting information on your family, you need to decide how you want to keep track of it. You have three different options: Handwritten, Computer Program, or an Online Database. All three have their pro’s and con’s. I’m going to give you information on each one to [...]

Record All Your Moments with One Day App

One Day App

Sponsored content. To kick off our featured articles regarding family history research and creating a family tree, I wanted to highlight a fabulous app that takes recording those special moments or conducting fun family interviews to the next level. One Day app is a video memory app that utilizes technology to capture memories in an [...]